The Coronavirus

Diocesan and Parish Efforts to Combat Its Spread


Updated COVID-19 Directives


Updated COVID-19 Protocols for St. Paul Catholic Church as of May 6, 2021

  1. By mandate of the Bishop and Diocese of Jackson, we must continue to wear mask for all parish events (Mass, meetings, office, etc.)
  2. Mass Protocol
    1. Social distancing has been changed from 6ft to 3ft.  Part of this change the ropes in the church will be taken down.  I do ask that since there is plenty of space for our usual weekend Masses to stager yourselves and not sit directly behind anyone.
    2. Communion will continue to be distributed in the same way to the outside with mask.  Diocese protocol continues to restrict communion to the hand only.
    3. Hymnals and missals may be used in the pew again.  We will place the books back in the pews beginning the weekend of May 15th and 16th to give us ample time to do it.
    4. We will have to continue to sanitize the pews.  Due to this, we will not be able to place the cushions in the pew at this time.  Once we do not have to sanitize the pews we will place the cushions back.
  3. Meetings and parish gatherings.
    1. This past month we had a pipe bust in the parish hall.  Due to this, we are going to delay any large gatherings in the parish hall until some repairs can be done.  Please be aware of that as you review all the protocols.  We hope the repairs are done as soon as possible to resume gatherings this summer.
    2. We can begin serving meals for parish gatherings, which is something we have not been able to do.  The condition for the diocese protocols is that the meals cannot be served in buffet style.  Meals must be plated by the kitchen staff and served to people.
      1. Please note that the reason previously we have not been able to have a gathering is the restriction of 10 people or less as well as the restriction of restaurant boxed food only.  These has been lifted.
    3. Mask must be worn at all moments outside of eating or drinking.
    4. We will not rent the parish hall to anyone for an event outside of a parish event at this time.
  4. Funerals
    1. The diocese has been allowing Funeral Mass (also known as Masses for the Dead) since February.  All protocols for Sunday Mass must be followed.  This will be for all parish members.  This is no longer restricted to family only.
      1. We cannot host a visitation at the church.  The clustering of people that occur at visitations prevent us from being able to host.
      2. We also at this time will not provide a reception afterwards due to the clustering of people from many different places.
    2. In pastoral judgment for this current time, any non-member of St. Paul will only be able to do a graveside service.
    3. No Memorial Masses will be offered at the parish. Every year we celebrate on November 2 (Feast of All Souls) a Mass for all those who have died in the parish.
      1. If you would like a Mass intention placed on our daily Mass calendar to be offered for someone outside of a funeral, please contact the office to offer the intention. 
  5. Anointing of the Sick and Hospital Visits
    1. I can anoint individuals who are in need of the sacrament.  These include those in the hospital, those who are homebound, those who are going into surgery, and those who have a condition that has gotten worse.  Please contact me in the office to request the sacrament.
    2. No 1st of the Month Mass with anointing-At this time we cannot resume our Mass that includes the Anointing of the Sick.  Touching multiple people with the holy oil who would consider to be vulnerable and sick is considered to be high risk.
    3. If you are in the hospital, please let me know in the office so that a priest can visit you.  The only exception is if you have been diagnose with COVID or showing symptoms.  Please check with your doctor or hospital staff before contacting me.  Priests have to enter into mandatory quarantine and cancel all Masses if he comes in contact.
    4. Priest can make home visits at this time.  Please contact me in the office if you would like a home visit.  Due to many people still being uncomfortable leaving their homes, I will wait for an invitation before visiting.
  6. Baptisms
    1. Please contact the office if you have a child to be baptized.  If you have not done previous baptism prep, we will require this to be done (1 hour session).
    2. Due to the protocols, Baptisms will be limited to outside Mass only.
  7. Confession
    1. Confession is available before Mass 3:15-3:45 on Saturday and 9:45-10:15 on Sunday.  Due to the restrictive and confined space in the confessional, confessions will continue to take place in the area outside of the chapel.  You may also contact me in the office to arrange a time to have your confession heard.
  8. Wedding
    1. For all weddings, please contact me in the office to begin the marriage prep and during the sessions I will review the current COVID protocols leading up to the wedding day.
  9. Youth Gathering
    1. Our youth group meets Sundays as follow:  3:00-4:30 for Middle School (7th and 8th grades) and 5:00-6:30 for High School (9th-12th grades) in the youth room in the parish hall.
    2. Restrictions for parish gatherings apply to the youth group.

Fr. Rusty Vincent