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Maker of Heaven and Earth


Though mentioned in the section of the Creed under the Father, God as maker of heaven and earth applies to the Triune Godhead.  This means that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as One God is the creator of heaven and earth.  It is important to define maker as a creative maker in the definition of God, for God does not make the universe as one would build a chair.  The universe comes from nothing, and God is the one to bring it into existence and then mold it into His image.  He creates it out of nothing – He not makes it from supplies available to Him.  Creation becomes majestic from the view of there being a Creator.  Seeing God as Creator/Maker is an important aspect of our faith, so what does it mean to say God is our Creator/Maker?

The first thing God being Creator means is that it brings us into an encounter with the majesty of God.  A creator is always greater than its creation, and looking at the world we can see how beautiful and magnificent it is.  All the different lands, mountains, rivers, animals, plants, etc.  Yes they can be explained through natural causes, but those causes have a Creator.  All the stars and planets in the galaxy.  The vastness of the universe.  Even the integral workings of our own human body and mind.  God created all of that, and God is greater than His creation.  How magnificent is our God?!

Second, in viewing the majesty of God we can see how everything created by God comes from Him.  It leads us to a sense of gratitude.  All that we have comes from the Creator.  Our pets, our homes, our jobs all exist in our lives because God gave us the skills to have them.  Most especially, our families and friends.  The people in our lives were created and placed in our lives by God.  He has gifted all these things and people to us as Creator.

Knowing that all of creation is a gift from God, He is entrusting it to us to treat it well.  Our use of creation should always keep in mind the two principles purposes.  First, all that we have and use in this world should focus on giving glory to God.  How do we bring God glory in our friendships and relationships?  How do we bring God glory in our jobs and home lives?  How do we simply bring God glory in the things we buy for ourselves and our use?  Nothing is excluded from giving glory to God.  Second, everything in creation is for our benefit in growing as human beings.  This benefit is not us taking advantage of them for our own selfish gain, for that would negate the first benefit of giving God glory.  Rather, the benefit to ourselves should be a benefit that aids in our growth towards heaven and into the person God calls us to be. 

Ultimately, what we should draw from God as Creator is our own dignity as human persons.  According to Genesis, everything in creation God saw was good; but only humans did God create “in his image, in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27).  The universe is not created in His image - we are.  So, the question to ask ourselves is: do we live up to that majesty in creation?  Do we live the image of God in us in all of our encounters with others?  Are we Christ-like to those we meet?  There is a powerful beauty in God blessed us to be in His image, so how do we participate in His creation as that image?

- Fr. Rusty Vincent

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